Lee/DeMile Defensive Tactics

DeMile Defensive Tactics (DDT) is based on the science of Bruce Lee’s combatives as taught to Sijo James DeMile by Bruce back in Seattle, WA. Bruce arrived in Seattle in 1959. Soon after, he met Jesse Glover who became his first student. From there a small group developed consisting of Leroy Garcia, Ed Hart, Howard Hall, Pat Hooks, Skip Elsworth, Taky Kimura and James DeMile. James was fortunate to be one of the original students.

James met Bruce when one day during a break between classes at Edison Technical school, he saw that there were demonstrations being held for Asian heritage day. He sat in with other spectators and watched a young Chinese student perform a martial arts demonstration that he was referring too as “deadly Asian fighting techniques”. That student would be Bruce Lee. While the techniques were visually amusing, he was skeptical. James felt that Bruce was jumping around on stage flowery, like a butterfly and the techniques had no merit against what he knew as “real street fighting”. After the show there was a crowd of people around Bruce and James commented that “people don’t fight like that here”. Bruce said “OK, take a punch at me”. At the time, James weighed close to one hundred pounds more than Bruce and had a physically intimidating appearance. Being a champion boxer in the military and having his fair share of street fights, he was fairly confident in his fighting ability. There were some girls nearby and thinking maybe he could impress them or his ego took over, he agreed to take the punch. He threw a jab, but at the same moment Bruce redirected the punch and trapped his hands, pinning his arms onto his chest. Bruce then began tapping on his head asking, “hello is anyone home?”. Feeling both embarrassed and humbled, he was amazed at how such a smaller person was able to control and manipulate someone much larger. That’s when he decided to join Bruce’s group. Thus began his journey in Gung Fu.

Their training sessions were very informal. The whole group would gather in parks, on campus or behind Ruby Chow’s restaurant to train. The relationship with Bruce was as a friend, training partner and student. Later on, James would go on to develop his own art called Wing Chun Do, based on his time training with Bruce Lee. DDT, is a streamlined version of Wing Chun Do with it’s focus more on self-defense and combat versus the “art” side of it. It’s a simple, efficient and practical form of self-defense. Suitable for men, women and children.

Sifu Dan is a Certified Phase One Instructor in DeMile Defensive Tactics under Sijo James DeMile.

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