Kids Kung Fu & Arnis/Chen Tai Do


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Kids Kung Fu & Arnis, or Chen Tai Do is a JKD/WKD/FMA Blended Class

Ages 5-12

In our youth program, your children will be instructed using the principles and concepts as developed by Bruce Lee.

Our kid’s class curriculum is integrated with all of our adult programs, but adjusted to be age appropriate. Students will learn practical self-defense both empty handed and with weapons through the use of foam padded Arnis sticks, utilizing drills and techniques derived from the Filipino martial art of Arnis. The empty handed portion, will come from Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do, Wei Kuen Do and Filipino Boxing. The students will become proficient in the basics of these arts through drills and games developing their manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination and self-defense skills.

Beyond the physical, they will also learn confidence, concentration, discipline, teamwork, leadership and respect. Let’s not forget bully prevention, there seems to be a rise in bullying over the last few years and we teach our students how to deal with bullies non-violently but also arm them with the skills needed to defend themselves if attacked.

Character Development

Our school has a unique character development program that’s implemented within our youth curriculum. We like to think of it as life lessons that can be taken from the classroom to the boardroom as an adult. We believe that a kids martial arts class should offer more than just physical exercise and self-defense training. There should be life lessons, emotional and mental stimulation as well. We want to produce the leaders of tomorrow. When we talk about character development, there’s some key virtues that our program implements, that will impact the kids in adulthood. Discipline, patience and confidence. These key skills, will set them up for success later in life.

Discipline shows them that long-term efforts will result in achieving desired goals. Commitment to practice, attending your classes and moving up in rank, instills that having the discipline to stay-the course, has benefits. The positive reinforcement of earning awards and rank for their efforts, is very impactful. This leads to patience. Repetition, is the key to mastering any technique or form. Having the patience to learn a technique, piece by piece, instills that there’s no shortcuts, you have to do the work. In our modern era of tablets and smartphones, our kids have grown up with instant access to the world at their fingertips. But, in the real world you can’t always have that instant gratification. Martial arts training will show them that setting goals to achieve that next rank or award is only achieved by putting in the time and work. These virtues will have a positive impact on their performance in school as well. Learning and growing within a martial arts school will also lead to confidence. Having self-confidence is very important in life. Self-confidence produces leaders, not followers. Attaining their goals through training in class, will lead to them knowing that they have the ability to succeed. These incremental successes, will grow their self-confidence.

We also have parents submit a monthly report about how their children are behaving at home. The work doesn’t stop when they leave class. We expect them to participate in chores at home, respect their parents and siblings, be active in their community or religious organizations and do good deeds. These monthly reports are evaluated and they will be given awards based on the amount of work that they put in. We also want to see their report cards. We are invested just as much as you are in their future.

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If you live in the areas of Somers, Peekskill, Ossining, Mahopac and Carmel then you are close enough to come train with us!